NEW NexSun - Premium Solar Lighting Solutions

NightSearcher LTD announces the release of NexSun, a new and exciting range of premium solar powered lights.

Featuring the latest in high-spec batteries, solar panels and LEDs, the NexSun products are applicable for commercial, industrial and residential projects. With no power cables, and no running costs, NexSun products allow homeowners, business owners and contractors alike to come off-grid and not only reduce your energy bills, but also reduce your impact on the environment too.

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Gift Ideas for Dad – Father’s Day 2022

Men let’s face it, we’re hard to buy for! We don’t like a fuss and generally, we’re even less fussed about these generic, commercialised calendar dates too.

But it is always nice to receive something new though!

A nice gift, a new toy for the boy that’s within us all. Doubly great if said gift is even slightly related to some of our hobbies or interests. But we don’t always talk or express ourselves though (oh to be a Gen Z), so no wonder we’re hard to buy for!

Well help is in hand for you this Father’s Day.

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New Kanga Star LED Worklights

Wednesday, 20th April 2022 – NightSearcher LTD is pleased to announce the release of Kanga Star, a collection of 3 high-powered work lights that are designed to operate from power tool batteries. Featuring an ingenious, 3-in-1 power supply system, Kanga Star accepts 14V and 18V batteries from some of the leading power tool brands, as well as receiving its own stock battery and an AC mains power adaptor.

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Easter Road Trip Essentials - Vehicle Safety Equipment and Accessories

With the Easter holidays upon us, it’s important make sure our vehicles are ready for any road trips or long journeys. It’s always great to get away, even if it’s just for a few days. Whether you’re having a staycation and visiting some of the fantastic sites the UK has to offer, or you’re venturing a little farther afield with a drive into Europe, now is the best time to give our cars, campervans and motorbikes that all important safety check.

We can all be guilty of letting the weekly and monthly checks slip by – with our modern motors we seem have a lot more confidence in their reliability and very rarely pop the bonnet to have a look at the fluid levels and belts! However, with basic maintenance checks being part of the driving test, we all have the responsibility to ensure our vehicles are safe and fit to drive.

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NEW Pulsar NavStar - Sequential Hazard Lights

Farlington, UK – March 1st 2022 - NightSearcher LTD announces the new Pulsar NavStar, the latest model in our range of Pulsar hazard lights. The all-new Pulsar NavStar comes as a set of 10 sequential hazard lights, housed in a high-impact, shock resistant and reversible carry case.

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Best Head Torces for Night Skiing and Winter Sports in 2022

Skiing is arguably one of the most exhilarating sports to participate in; from committing yourself to the freshly powered, daring slopes, through to the social prerequisite of Apres-ski, skiing is an all-round thrill.

Perhaps the recent Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022 has instilled some curiosity in skiing in you for the first time, or you’re a seasoned pro destined for the slopes this winter. Whichever end of the spectrum you may be, there are some essential winter sports accessories that are a must have on everyone’s shopping list.

Assuming you’ve ticked off the typical skiing accessories such as; goggles, gloves and hats, salopettes etc, at NightSearcher we’re presenting the humble headlamp as an essential accessory for night time skiing and snowboarding.

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