Rechargeable LED Lighting For Sports

At NightSearcher we have a collection of powerful LED arena lights that are dedicated, and / or applicable to the sporting industry.

The convenience of portable lighting is invalubale when participating in your favourite sport - from quick and easy setup to planning permission-free lighting, there are many reasons to choose one of our LED sport lights.

Don't be dedicated by daylight - train, play and spectate all year around with rechargeable LED sport lights from NightSearcher.

NightSearcher Sport Lighting Solutions

Discover more about the SportStar Kit | NightSearcher

SportStar Kit
20,000 Lumens Rechargeable Floodlight

Kick darkness into touch with our 20,000 lumens SportStar Kit – complete with everything you need to extend your training and playing hours during the autumn and winter months.

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Discover more about the Galaxy Pro 6K | NightSearcher

Galaxy Pro 6K
Powerful, Professional, Rechargeable Floodlight

With advanced electronics, improved performance and endurance the tripod mountable Galaxy Pro 6k is a serious entry-level contender for sports lighting.

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Discover more about the Galaxy 12000 | NightSearcher

Galaxy 12000
12,000 Lumens Rechargeable & AC Mains Floodlight

See into the darkness with the Galaxy 12,000 - a tripod mountable worklight with swivel heads, designed to shine the light exactly where you need it.

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Grant Funding

Our sport lighting kits are eligible for grant fundings from either the Football Foundation Portable Lighting Grant or Sport Scotland’s Sport Facility Funds.

Both funds have submission deadlines and are experiencing a bit of a backlog with applications. So, it’ll be wise to get in early.

Illuminate Your Sport & More...

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SportStar Kit - Rugby


SportStar Kit - Tennis


SportStar Kit - Netball


SportStar Kit - Outdoor Fitness Camps

Fitness Camps

SportStar Kit - Equestrian


SportStar Kit - Tennis Court Lighting | NightSearcher
SportStar Kit - Football Pitch Lighting | NightSearcher
SportStar Kit - Portable Lighting Solutions | NightSearcher
SportStar Kit - Carry Bag | NightSearcher
SportStar Kit - Football Pitch Lighting | NightSearcher
SportStar Kit - Personal Training | NightSearcher

“My SportStar light is the single best investment I’ve made for my business, as it allows me to work (train) whenever I want and not be dictated by daylight.”

Ben Stead, Personal Trainer