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Sport Lights by NightSearcher

Rechargeable LED Lighting For Sports

Don't be dictated by daylight - coach, train, and play all year around with rechargeable LED sport lights from NightSearcher.

The convenience of portable lighting is invaluable when participating in your favourite sport - from quick and easy setup to planning permission-free lighting, there are many reasons to choose one of our LED sport lights.

At NightSearcher we have a collection of powerful LED arena lights that are dedicated to the sporting industry.

Sport Star Kit | NightSearcher

Sport Star Kit

20,000 Lumens Rechargeable Floodlight

Kick darkness into touch with our 20,000 lumens SportStar Kit – complete with everything you need to extend your training and playing hours during the autumn and winter months.

Galaxy Pro Star Kit | NightSearcher

Galaxy Pro Sport Kit

12,000 Lumens Rechargeable Twin Floodlights

With advanced electronics, improved performance and endurance the tripod mountable Galaxy Pro 6k is a serious entry-level contender for sports lighting. Twin lamp heads offer serious coverage for close quarters training.

Illuminate Your Sport & More...

SportStar Kit - Football | NightSearcher

Sport Lights for Football

SportStar Kit - Rugby | NightSearcher

Sport Lights for Rugby

SportStar Kit - Tennis | NightSearcher

Sport Lights for Tennis

SportStar Kit - Netball | NightSearcher

Sport Lights for Netball

SportStar Kit - Outdoor Fitness Camps | NightSearcher

Sport Lights for Fitness Camps

SportStar Kit - Equestrian | NightSearcher

Sport Lights for Equestrian

Grant Funding

Our sport lighting kits are eligible for grant fundings from a range of bodies including the Football Foundation Portable Lighting Grant and Sport Scotland’s Sport Facility Funds. Grants can often cover up to 80% of the cost of equipment!

Most funds have submission deadlines and are currently experiencing a bit of a backlog with applications. So, it’ll be wise to get in early.

Speak to one of our sales representatives to find out more about grant funding for sport lighting equipment.

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NightSearch Sport Light Kits

Key Features

SportStar Kit - Lightweight and Compact | NightSearcherLightweight & Compact

Sport Star folds flat and is stored in the supplied carry bag, allowing for ease of transport and storage. Several kits can fit into the back of an average sized car.

Sport Star Kit - Quick and Easy Setup | NightSearcherQuick & Easy Setup

Assemble and erect the Sport Star within a minute. Position the light at the optimum height and location thanks to it's lightweight design and air-cushioned telescopic pole.

SportStar Kit - Durable, Powerful Battery Pack | NightSearcherDurable, Powerful Battery Pack

The 18Ah battery offers superior runtimes and ground-level operation of the sport light. Housed within a tough, shock-resistant polyethylene battery case, the battery pack is safe to use, store and charge.

SportStar Kit - Outstanding Coverage | NightSearcherOutstanding Coverage

Precision optics focus the light on to the surface with an even and diffused spread. Giving maximium coverage with minimal glare.

Sport Lighting for Football | NightSearcher
SportStar Kit | NightSearcher
SportStar Kit | NightSearcher
Galaxy Pro Sport Kit | NightSearcher
Sport Lighting for Rugby | NightSearcher
Sport Lighting for Personal Training | NightSearcher
Sport Lighting for Rugby | NightSearcher
Sport Lighting for Tennis | NightSearcher

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