Product: PRO250 Inspection Light
Reviewer: AutoExpress Magazine
Date: 30th November 2016

Rating: **** ( 4 Stars)
There’s definitely a resemblance between out contenders as they share the same revolving and hinged base. They also have a similar hook and base, as well as rear-mounted magnets that can easily hold the weight of the lamp, making it simple o be able to get light just where you need it, leaving the hands free to work.
However, the NightSearcher is around 8cm shorter than the Ring offering. This means it’s compact and easier to place, but also results in a much shorter LED strip.
NightSearcher claims the same 250-lumen output, but while the beam is wide, it’s narrower than the Ring. Where the PRO250 does have an advantage is on charging as it comes with a handy dock which can be wall-mounted. There’s also a USB lead for mains for 12V/24V charging.


You don’t get far in DIY maintenance on your car before you need extra light, and an inspection lamp has become a toolbox essential. So it’s no surprise that NightSearcher’s new range of automotive lights includes one.
The PRO250 has an impressive spec with a chip on board (COB) LED strip delivering a daylight-quality, 6000-Kelvin white light. But can it outshine our Issue 1,417 Best Buy, the Ring MAGflex Twist? We compared beams, looking for a bright, even, widespread, plus mounting options – to get light right where it’s needed – and battery life. Costs were rated using NightSearcher’s price and online retailers.
Price and a wider beam ensure the Ring retains its crown, but the Pro250 impressed with its quick and easy charging dock. If your engine bay is cramped, this is the more compact buy.


The winner of our issue 1,417 test hangs onto its crown, but it was a close finish. It certainly had the edge on the main beam. The light was just as bright on both our inspection lamps, with no dark patches or light hotspots, but the MAGflex clearly offered a wider spread. The bigger strip of LEDs also meant the protective clear lens didn’t get as hot as the Pro250.
Still, the torch beam looks identical, with a noticeable blue tinge to the light. There are also plenty of mounting options, including the same combination swivelling base with hinged section, plus powerful magnets.
Charging is by a mains adaptor or 21V socket, but it lacks the NightSearcher’s quick and easy dock. The lamps went out within minutes of each other at about three hours. A clear price advantage ensures this remains our winner. Back to list »