Product Repair and Warranty Claim Form

Please fill out the form and submit it to us. You will receive a copy of the form in your email.
If you're requested to send your product to us for inspection, please print out the email with the form, and include it with your product.
If you can't print the email, please include a note that has your Warranty Reference number from the form, name and phone number.

If claiming for a company, please fill in company’s address details below
If not in the UK please include country code
If registering for a company, please fill in Contact Person’s email address
Please supply vendor and branch, or vendor if bought online
Product details

Proof of Purchase *

Please attach a file/image of your proof of purchase. This can be a receipt or an order payment confirmation.
Proof of purchase must show date of purchase, product name, and vendor name. Accepted filetypes: PDF, .jpeg/.jpg, .png

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