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School’s Out for Summer - Beat the Rush, Get Your SportStar Kit Before the Rest!

Not wanting to wish the summer away, but at NightSearcher we’re getting ready for the influx of enquiries and sales of our SportStar Kits that come with the new academic year. If you’re thinking about upgrading or replacing your sport lighting equipment, then now is a good time to get the ball rolling (pun intended).

Grant Funding

Before we get into all the reasons why you should purchase our fantastic rechargeable and portable lighting kits, it’s important to consider your potential entitlement for a grant. Our sport lighting kits are eligible for grant fundings from either the Football Foundation Portable Lighting Grant or Sport Scotland’s Sport Facility Funds.

Both funds have submission deadlines and are experiencing a bit of a backlog with applications. So, it’ll be wise to get in early.

Learn more about the Football Foundation Grant | NightSearcher

Football Foundation

Learn more about the Sport Scotlands Grant | NightSearcher

Sport Scotland

As we find ourselves in the second half of the year, the nights will soon start to get notably longer. We can however, kick darkness into touch with our 20,000 lumens SportStar Kit – complete with everything you need to extend your training and playing hours during the autumn and winter months.

As lightweight, rechargeable and portable lighting rigs, you can be up and running in less than a minute. With all the parts housed in the included carry case, you simply unpack, erect the tripod, attach the battery, the lamp head, and you’re good to go.

SportStar Kit - Everything You Need To Get Up and Running | NightSearcher
SportStar Kit - Rechargeable Battery Pack | NightSearcher

The 20,000 lumens LED lamp head offers a 50-metre diffused beam – important for reducing hotspots and glare so that participants and spectators alike can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the court or pitch. With 4 lighting levels or modes, the SportStar offers battery runtimes from 2 hours up to an impressive 16 hours in eco-mode.

Talking off batteries, the SportStar is powered by a juicy 14.8V, 18Ah lithium-ion battery. Charged to full capacity in just 8 hours, you get some serious power from a small unit that simply hooks on to the air-cushioned tripod. Housed within an IP-65 rated polyethylene case, the battery and lighting rig can be used in all weather conditions. The tripod itself has a wide footprint base for maximum stability, but also comes supplied with three ground pegs for additional peace of mind.

The SportStar Kit is the ideal portable lighting solution for all sports that operate on a pitch or in a court, including:

SportStar Kit - Football


SportStar Kit - Rugby


SportStar Kit - Tennis


SportStar Kit - Netball


SportStar Kit - Outdoor Fitness Camps

Fitness Camps

SportStar Kit - Equestrian


One of the key advantages of the SportStar Kit is, because of its portable and temporary placement, you do not require planning permission from your local authority to raise and install it.

Permanent lighting fixtures can be a controversial part of planning permission, usually due to light pollution and the leakage of light outside of the area you wish to illuminate. However, environmental factors are also key for consideration too, particularly in rural areas where bats and birds inhabit. Not only that, but the physical appearance of the light and its mount will need to be respected too.

With the SportStar Kit you can illuminate your training ground without worry. Although we do recommend you liaise with your local authority if lighting a particularly large area.

SportStar Kit - Portable Lighting Solutions | NightSearcher LTD
SportStar Kit - Light Coverage | NightSearcher

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The SportStar Kit comes complete with everything you need to get going, including:

  • 20,000 lumens LED lamp head
  • 18Ah lithium-ion battery pack, housed within an IP65 high-density Polyethylene (HDPE) case
  • 3.7-metre air-cushioned aluminium tripod
  • AC main charger
  • 3x ground stability pegs
  • Weatherproof sports bag for all parts, capable of fitting in most family-sized cars

Available as single units, or sets of 4, 6, or 8 units.

In regard to coverage, a single unit offers 50-metre diffused beam and for optimal lighting, you’ll need between 6 and 8 units to illuminate a 60x40m area. That’s the standard size of a sports training pitch, equivalent to half of a full-sized football pitch.

If all the above aren’t just some great reasons to get a SportStar Kit (or several...) from NightSearcher, then perhaps the best reason of all must be… these kits are designed and manufactured by us, right here in the United Kingdom!

Don’t just take our word for it though, here are some SportStar Kits in action with some of our wonderful customers:

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