Gift Ideas for Dad – Father’s Day 2022

Gift Ideas for Dad – Father’s Day 2022

Men let’s face it, we’re hard to buy for! We don’t like a fuss and generally, we’re even less fussed about these generic, commercialised calendar dates too.

But it is always nice to receive something new though!

A nice gift, a new toy for the boy that’s within us all. Doubly great if said gift is even slightly related to some of our hobbies or interests. But we don’t always talk or express ourselves though (oh to be a Gen Z), so no wonder we’re hard to buy for!

Well help is in hand for you this Father’s Day.

If you’re a dad who’s got plenty of socks, pint glasses or whatever the last trinket was. Or you’re a wife or girlfriend and genuinely have no clue what to get your significant other from the kids, then NightSearcher to the rescue!

We’ve handpicked some of our products and grouped them by interest for all the well-deserved dad’s this year.

(Dad’s, forward this on to the wife and kids as a gentle nudge, nudge, wink, wink!)


For the Car Enthusiast Dad

Sometimes, our old faithful automobiles will always be our first, sorry, second loves! With our weekends spoken for under the bonnet of the old girl. Us DIY mechanics are a rare, dying breed and sometimes, our tools and equipment are as old as we are – got to love a hand-me-down tool!

With a place for everything and everything in its place, the garage and driveway is a sacred ground. Only those who are deemed worthy shall enter, and if they come bearing gifts, then “Open, Says Me”, come on in.

i-Spector Flex - 500 Lumens Rechargeable LED Inspection Light

We may not be as nimble or dexterous as we used to be, unfortunately. Albeit still willing to give it a go - socket in one hand, bolt in the other hand, torch between the teeth. It’s not easy to curse with a torch in the mouth though, and none for dropping anything remotely conductive in the engine bay either!

Blessed be the i-Spector Flex then, flexible in ways we could only dream of. Stable and secure with its magnetic base and hanging hook, bright but dimmable, and resistant to chemicals and solvents.

Go hands (and mouth) free, put the i-Spector Flex on your wish list and swear to your hearts content – it’ll be the last bolt that’ll get ya!

only £43.75


BeatLite 2000X - Work Light with Bluetooth Speakers

It goes without saying, but the garage scene in the movie Grease was far from accurate – I mean, not a drop of oil (or grease) in sight! But good music is obligatory in the garage – at the very least it helps to drown out the profanities.

The quickest way to kill a car battery is cranking up the radio without the engine running. When the time comes to marvel in our success and fire her up when she’s all back together, the “click click” of the starter motor is purely gut wrenching!

Step up the BeatLite 2000X, a powerful work light with a 2000 lumens output and Bluetooth stereo speakers. Connect your phone and whistle whilst you work.

It’ll even charge up your phone for you – handy when your battery is about to KO, and you need to YouTube a how-to-video or check what time Halfords closes.

only £39.95


i-Spector Pocket – 350 Lumen Rechargeable Pocket Torch and Floodlight

Before modern day computers and ECU’s the best diagnostics tool was trial and error, starting with replacing the cheapest and most accessible part first.

In a cruel twist of engineering irony, the cheapest part isn’t always the most accessible and sometimes we have to play dentist in the engine bay with lights and mirrors.

The i-Spector Pocket is a handy little inspection light that is bright enough to illuminate the entire engine compartment, yet small enough to get into the tightest of gaps.

only £23.95



For the Outdoors Dad

It might be a bitter pill to swallow, but there’s a chance the wife and kids don’t actually like camping!

However, we do!

Reliving our Duke of Edinburgh days or, that one time, at scout camp. There’s nothing like the great outdoors.

Turning up late and pitching a tent in total darkness is less than ideal though. Should have overtaken that caravan convoy before we hit the B Roads, I hear you say.

Zoom 580R – 580 Lumen Rechargeable Spot-to-Flood Head Torch

Pitching tents, collecting firewood and tending the fire, are all jobs for us guys. They’re also all jobs that require both hands too.

The Zoom 580R is nifty headtorch that’ll free up your hands whilst illuminating the campsite with a modest 580 lumens output.

Switch from a wide, flood beam when out scavenging for wood, to a spot beam for the close-up work of assembling poles and setting tent pegs.

only £50.35


Magnum 3000 – 3000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight

The misses and kids might have to club together for this one, but nothing screams “man” more than a hefty and proper flashlight!

At 3000 lumens you be the envy of the campsite.

Night-time hide and go seek or runouts is futile with this beast, you can see them a mile off. Ok, may be 500 metres, but the Magnum 3000 is way better than James’ dad’s torch.

only £138.55


BeatLite 500 – 500 Lumen Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker Work Light

One of the greatest escapes for dad has to be a spot of night fishing. Tranquillity at its finest, just you the lake and the open night sky. A little background noise wouldn’t go amiss though, even if it’s just to drown out the paranoia-causing rustling bushes!

The BeatLite 500 makes for the perfect bivvy light – a modest 500 lumens flood light with a separate torch feature, and a Bluetooth speaker to stream your playlist to. With a 10-hour run time, it’ll see you through until dawn.

only £24.95



For the DIY Dad

“Trust me, I’m a professional”, well, after 3 lockdowns we’ve had plenty of practice and time to improve our skills. Buying some wood and building something great, that’s what we do - flat packed furniture is for wussies after all.

It’ll take far longer than expected though, so shine some light on the situation.

Kanga Star - 3-in-1 Universal Power Supply

With an interchangeable power supply, the Kanga Star is a great companion to have. It’ll run off your power tool batteries and can be positioned almost anywhere, with ease too.

With light outputs ranging from 2,200 lumens to 5,000 and 10,000 lumens, the upstairs landing will be drowning in light just as much as it will be with paint.

from only £86.50


Galaxy-Dual – 2000 Lumen Rechargeable + AC Work Light

I bid thee to a dual, a Galaxy Dual.

Always isolate the power whenever working with electrics – we’re not cars, we don’t need a jump start! We do however still need some light when the power is off, so enter the Galaxy Dual.

As the name implies, it’s a dual powered work light that’s free standing and can be operated by either battery or mains power. The Galaxy Dual has a built-in rechargeable battery, as well as an AC adaptor for either 110V or 230V mains power.

only £27.95


Galaxy 1000 – 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Work Light

Often, we’re lucky to be able to claim a 6x4 foot shed, or may be the box room as our man cave. So perhaps a 10,000, 5,000 or even 2,000 lumens work light is a little overzealous.

If so, then the Galaxy 1000 is a good compromise.

Lightweight but powerful, the Galaxy 1000 is an ideal workshop companion that can withstand hard knocks due to the high impact ABS housing and shatterproof polycarbonate lens.

only £37.75



For the Security Conscious Dad

Gadgets and gizmos a plenty, we’ve got it all. From video doorbells to mesh Wi-Fi security cameras, our homes are like Fort Knox. Kevin McCallister has nothing on us!

Because chasing cables is a long and laborious task, the perks of modern technology have to be long life lithium batteries and Wi-Fi transmission. Couple those with solar power, et voilà, self-sustaining security.

NightSearcher - Solar Sentry 1000 | NightSearcher LTD

Solar Sentry 1000 – 1000 Lumen Solar Powered Light

As Tasers and Stun Guns are reserved for the local constabulary (unfortunately), the next best deterrent could be zapping them with 1,000 lumens beam of light.

Bright well beyond its size, the Solar Sentry 1000 is modulated solar-powered security light – a conjoined LED lamp and PIR motion sensor with a detached solar panel. Perfect for illuminating those hard-to-reach areas of the garden, especially where there’s no power for conventional lights.

Rig the solar panel where it can capture the suns rays during the day and set the light in a prime location up to 2.5 metres away. Detect any intruders from over 12 metres away and “halt, who goes there”.

only £46.45


NightSearcher - Solar Sentry | NightSearcher LTD

Solar Sentry 400 and Solar Sentry 1100RC

Security and peace of mind shouldn’t compromise on aesthetics, and a sometimes security lights do look fugly. With a modern wedge shape design incorporating the solar panel, LED lamps and battery - all into one compact design, the Solar Sentry 400 and 1100RC are breaking the mould.

Perfect for garden feature and security lighting, these two models feature intelligent sensors and lighting modes, they also benefit from long-life LiPo batteries, producing unrivalled run times and power output.

The Solar Sentry 1100RC comes with a remote control to operate the light. Select any of the 5 lighting modes at a distance. The remote can be linked to other Solar Sentry 1100’s, so if you have more than one light, you can operate them all from the same remote control.

only £16.20
(Solar Sentry 400)


only £46.45
(Solar Sentry 1000)


So, there you have it – a generous list of gift ideas for Dad this Father’s Day. We're sure that you'll find the best Father's Day gift for dad within our product range.

Until next time,


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