Light tool for all the conditions

Reviewer: David Nolan - Station Manager - Operations Policy & Development – Kent Fire & Rescue Service

We have conducted a robustness test (over 6 weeks) on the right angle ATEX torch NS-EX270 for potential future use by our Breathing Apparatus (BA) wearers.

The testing was mainly qualitative and involved using one of our in-house BA instructors using/exposing the torch to all of the physical conditions expected for our BA wearers.

The torch was exposed to high temperatures (gaseous heat and smoke, within the real fire training facilities) whilst being worn on the BA set. Ambient temperatures that the torch would have been exposed to, were around 300 degrees C.

The torch will have also been exposed to physical knocks and bumps associated with BA training in differing environments that are dirty, cold, wet, extremely hot, steamy etc. The torch worked consistently throughout the testing in all of the conditions described.

The beam strength was adequate for its operational requirements. It needed no maintenance and cleaning was simple.

Operating of the torch was simple whilst wearing gloves.

The verbal feedback from the instructor was resounding positive and has lead to selecting this torch as our new BA torch of choice.

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