Electrical Times Product review - Galaxy Pro, Galaxy 2400

Product: Galaxy-Pro rechargeable LED, Galaxy 2400
Reviewer: David Savery of David Savery Electrical Services
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David Savery of David Savery Electrical Services tests NightSearcher’s Galaxy-Pro rechargeable LED Floodlight, and the Galaxy 2400 LED rechargeable light to see if a combination of LED and battery technology can keep you fully powered out on the job.

With the winter gloom now firmly upon us, it’s easy to find yourself working on site in the dark. Professionals in the area will understand the importance of good portable lighting, which has recently evolved. Lighting has changed from bulky, battery-chomping filament to light, bright LED models that are available now. With no parts to change or maintain, LED solutions offer long life, neutral colour rendering, no waste heat, no degradation of light output and lightweight portability. However, those of us in the trade know that not all LED lights are created equally and all corners of the lighting market are filled with substandard LED solutions that fizzle out earlier than expected. I have a small corner in my office where sits the sad remains of duff site lights that are no longer serviceable, so it’s within interest to review two professional LED entries to the site lighting market, made by NightSearcher, whose expertise in the field stretches back to 1989.

On Test
In the last three weeks, I have trialled the Galaxy Pro and the Galaxy 2400. They are two battery based LED lighting solutions that can be used either as a handheld light or can be attached to a stand to provide fixed site lighting. Both carry a premium price, so it was interesting to see how they compare to the cheap and cheerful no-brand names. The models look very different to one another. The Galaxy Pro is a traditional portable floodlight form-factor hinged onto a wide base, which gives it stability and proves its worth when working in an environment such as a heavily insulated attic.

The second model is the Galaxy 2400 which is very different to anything I’ve seen before. It utilises a clamshell casing allowing it to open like a book to whatever angle is required, right up to a flat 180⁰. It’s a clever design that is easily stowed on the van taking up minimal space, while at the same time protecting its diffusers from knocks and scratches. Both lights are battery powered and can be driven from the mains. If you’re planning on working down in a dark cellar for a few hours, be sure your battery is sufficiently charged. The mains charger that is supplied with the battery is similar to a mobile phone charger, it’s not terribly robust, short on lead and easily lost or broken on site. This is the weakest point. Although the batteries both use DC jack, the Galaxy Pro charger is rated 8.4VDC at 1500mA while the Galaxy 2400 charger is 8.6VDC at 2A.

The manufacturer’s instructions specify you must use the correct charger for each product, but after a check with the NightSearcher technical team it was confirmed that they are interchangeable. The manufacturer’s data states that at full brightness the battery life should be four hours for the Pro, but the one I tested put in some overtime and chalked up and impressive five hours. The 2400 claims two and a half hours at full brightness, and that is exactly what my test model put in. You can expect the Pro to be fully charged after 10 hours, but for the 2400 it only takes around five and a half hours due to its beefy charger.

The Verdict
My previous LED work light was about half the price of these products, but I would only get three hours from it and the light output was nowhere near as bright or as well spread as the Galaxy models. Sadly, I broke the 2400 stand adaptor, so I contacted NightSearcher via Twitter to ask where a replacement could be sourced. Surprisingly, a free adaptor was despatched to me, which I received the next day. Bright light output, fantastic battery life and a great responsive customer service are reasons to why these models cost more than the no-brand or low-brand alternatives. Either one can see me through an entire working day on a single full charge. When you’re up to your elbows on a job ad you’re desperately trying to get the lights back on, having the bright light that you can rely on is a godsend.

A word about NightSearcher
In 1989 Colin Howard, managing director, began manufacturing NightSearcher products, designing and specialising in rechargeable lighting solutions. These products were specifically supplied to the uniform and industrial markets, where NightSearcher has developed a high reputation for quality and service.

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