Product description

Solaris Pro Rechargeable Lighting System
  • High powered LEDs, 16000 lumens / 500m beam
  • Runtimes up to 48 hours – Low battery level indicator
  • Spot Beam for long distance and Wide Beam for area lighting
  • Lightweight, portable, fast deployment
  • Extension pole extends to 1.85M with built in cable to avoid trip hazards
  • Stability legs for use on uneven ground

All in one (light, battery pack and 1.85m tripod) in a lightweight (7kg) and compact design.

2 battery choices available depending on light / runtime requirements-
Solaris Pro (18Ah Li-ion) and Solaris Pro-X (36Ah Li-ion).


Product code: NSSOLARISPRO
16000 lumens
500 m beam
2.25-24 hrs runtime
Rated IP65
SolarisPro X
Product code: NSSOLARISPRO-X
16000 lumens
500 m beam
4.5-24 hrs runtime
Rated IP65

16,000 Lumens, Portable Rechargeable LED Lighting System

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