EcoStar Pro 100W linkable floodlight illuminates memorial sculpture site.

The Nightsearcher Limited ‘EcoStar Pro linkable' floodlights was used to illuminate the surrounding construction site of a memorial sculpture called ‘Still Water’.

The memorial sculpture is now open dedicated to UK victims of terrorism overseas. The sculpture was designed by artist Alison Wilding and maker and sculptor, Adam Kershaw, as a dedicated place of remembrance, contemplation and reflection.

The sculpture was cast from concrete and depicts a hidden woodland pool. Water, land and air come together in the memorial, which is composed of a concrete ellipse set just below ground level. The sculpture was completed December 2017 is displayed at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

A ceremony to dedicate the memorial to those that have lost their lives in terrorist attacks overseas will take place on the Thursday 17 May 2018.

The EcoStar Pro, 100W Linkable was the ideal floodlight to illuminate the large construction site, fitted with CEE 110V plugs and sockets allowing multiple lights to be linked together, enable convenient ‘daisy chaining’ and the LED energy efficiency allows very long cable runs and shadow-free illumination.

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