Solaris Pro 16K - Portable Rechargeable, Programmable LED Lighting System

Product description

Available in 2 battery sizes: 18Ah Li-ion or 36Ah Li-ion

The Solaris Pro is the latest addition to the renowned NightSearcher Solaris floodlight range. It is highly portable, extremely compact and light weight. Due to the multi position telescopic pole and light head, along with stabilising legs it can be used on uneven ground for example a motorway or railway embankment. The 16,000 lumen light output will provide a wide spread of light and can run for up 48 hours. The control console allows for the running time to be set as needed so that the Solaris Pro will set the light level to last the required time.


Key Features:

• 16,000 lumens
• 500 metre beam
• Runs up to 48 hours
• Battery status indicator
• Programmable run times - set the correct runtime hours you require
• Stability feet & stability ground pegs for uneven terrain
• Self-contained - collapsible compact unit for easy storage
• Tough ABS plastic construction
• Shoulder strap for easy transportation
• Folds down to compact size
• Swivel and tilting head
• IP65 weatherproof
• Weights only 7 kg


16K 18Ah Li-ion Product code: NSSOLARISPRO
16,000 | 5,000 | 11,000 Lumens
500 metres
Rechargeable 18Ah Lithium-ion battery
2.25 | 6 | 3.75 | hours
Rated IP65
16K 36Ah Li-ion Product code: NSSOLARISPRO-X
16,000 | 5,000 | 11,000 Lumens
500 metres
Rechargeable 36Ah Lithium-ion battery
4.5 | 12 | 7.5 hours
Rated IP65