HeadStar Pro - Proximity Distance Dimming LED Head Torch

Product description

HEADSTAR PRO - Proximity Distance Dimming LED Head Torch, 850 lumens

The HeadStar Pro uses advanced reactive distance sensors, which automatically adjusts from spot (long distance) to flood (closeup) beam according to its surroundings. Complete with two warm side lights for longer runtimes in low lighting and red, blue or green rear lights.

Key Features:

• 850 Lumens
• 550 metre beam
• Runs up to 50 hours
• Wide flood beam
• Narrow long distance beam
• Powered by 4 x AA Alkaline batteries
• 180° beam angle adjustment
• Safety Lock - Prevents accidental power loss during storage or transportation
• Adjustable headband
• Rear lights - Red, Blue Green - High or flashing
• White Side Lights - for low level lighting
• Brightness Memory Function
• Helmet mountable with clips


NEW! HeadStar Pro Product code: NSHEADSTAR-PRO
850 Lumens
550 Metres
4 x AA Alkaline batteries
50 Hours
Boost, Narrow - High, Low, Wide - High, Low

Supplied with:

  • 4 X AA Alkaline Batteries


  • Helmet Clips

Li-ion Technology

The popularity of portable lighting products has expanded the spectrum of battery application to a new level, and maintenance free Lithium-ion batteries, with high energy intensity, light weight, and long service life, has become one of the most popular types of rechargeable battery for portable electronic devices.