Runsmart - High Visibility LED, Sports Head Torch

Product description

High Visibility LED, Sports Head Torch

If you run, jog or take the dog for a walk at night, Run Smart helps you do so safely and
efficiently. Providing a directed light that illuminates the ground in front and red flashing
rear light, making sure you will be seen and safe.

Ideal for Jogging, Running, Dog Walking

Light and compact design.
Can be worn as a headband or around neck.

Soft, flexible silicone strap.
Front LED light and rear flashing LED lights.

Reddot design award winner 2016

  • Battery replacement
  • Light settings: Front light, Rear red, flashing lights
  • Adjustment size strap


Runsmart Product code: NSRUNSMART
40 Lumens
High: 6m | Low: 4m
High: 3hrs | Low: 6hrs
164.8x189.2 xH26mm
IPX4 Rating
2m Drop

Supplied with:

  • 1 X AAA Alkaline Battery