Warning Lights

Product description

Pulsar AAA Single Multifunction LED Hazard Warning Lights, Heavy Duty and Waterproof

The Pulsar AAA individual warning hazard lights are ideal for emergency situations such as road side hazards, traffic control, signalling car breakdowns, giving strong lighting to the surrounding area to keep you safe by being seen.

The Pulsar AAA lights have a shockproof housing that's able to withstand most vehicle weights up to 1 tonne, and is waterproof to IP67 rating meaning you can submerge the light pod in water up to 10 metres. The pods also float on water and have a strong magnetic back enabling them to be attached to vehicles and other metallic surfaces.


Key Features:

  • Visible from over 1 kilometre
  • 360° illumination
  • 10 light modes
  • Operates up to 25hrs
  • Waterproof (IP67) up to 10m
  • Floats in water
  • Crushproof (1 tonne) shock resistant
  • White torch setting
  • Magnetic back


Pulsar AAA Single Product code: NSPULSARAAA
1 kilometre visibility
3xAAA Alkaline
Rotate 52hrs | Quad Flash 120hrs | Singlle Blink 240hrs | Alternating Blinks 18hrs | SOS Rescue 22hrs | Steady on High 10hrs | Steady on Low 25hrs | 2 LED Light 52hrs | 4 LED Light 25hrs | White Torch Mode 60hrs
Rotate | Quad Flash | Singlle Blink | Alternating Blinks | SOS Rescue | Steady on High | Steady on Low | 2 LED Light | 4 LED Light | White Torch Mode
(D)110 (H)34 mm
Water and dust resistant to IP67 rating
Shock resistant housing able to withstand most vehicle weights up to 1 tonne

Supplied with:

  • 3 X AAA Alkaline Batteries


  • Cone Mount

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